Reset to initial state not working on an activity not being tracked

Morning, I have one more issue with my e-learning.  I have an activity (slide 2), I set it to "Reset to initial state" when revisiting.

but when I go to the next slide and press the previous button, the activity slide still shows what I typed in the text entry box.

I am thinking i need some type of trigger to clear the text entry box but can't figure it out.  And really thought resetting should have worked.

I have attached just the slide before and after the one I am having an issue with.  You can type anything in the text entry box the answer will come up when submit is pressed. 

This is not being tracked with a results slide, this is just a random activity they can try throughout the course.

Thanks Teresa

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Teresa Vanderpost

Michael, you are fantastic!  The speed of your responses, is truly saving my butt as I am on a tight timeline. I was just going through the final run through when I noticed this.  I knew I had to do some type of trigger where there was no value but just couldn't figure it out.

Can you explain to me though why Reset to initial state for slide properties wouldn't have been enough.  I would think that was stating return it to original (meaning field blank) when you come back.  But I must not be processing it correctly.

You have been like my knight in shining armour the last few days.  Please know how truly appreciative I am!