Text Entry Fields Reset

Oct 24, 2012

Is there away to allow text entry fields to reset to their default, "Type your answer here..." state? Even with slides set to "Reset to initial state", the text entry fields remain populated with whatever text the user input live.


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Fiona Cameron

Here is what worked for me. Even though the slide is set to return to the initial state, the text field never returns to its initial blank state (but retains the user's text entry). In addition, when navigating backwards to the base layer, the text entry field is no longer editable. At least if the text were editable one could manually clear the field. I decided that it was not so critical for the text entry field to be blank as long as it was editable. My usual course of action when I want the user to navigate from a custom layer to the base layer, is to use the Hide Layer trigger on the custom layer. Well, we already know this trigger does not clear the text entry field on the base layer, even if reset to initial state is activated. What I tested (and it works) is that instead of using the Hide Layer trigger, I selected the Jump to this Slide trigger. I was hoping this action would clear the field, but at least the text entry field is editable (and the user can clear the field manually). The best part of this solution is that it does not require the use of any variables, so I'm happy. Hope this helps someone out there.

Judy Nollet

FYI: The "Reset to initial state" function has a misleading name. What it really does is "Replay timeline from the start." 

  • If there are timeline triggers that change object states, those will run again.
  • Otherwise, all objects will remain in whatever state they were in. 
  • BTW, "Resume saved state" replays the timeline from wherever the user was when they left the slide. If the timeline had already completed, nothing replays. 

Also, the text-entry field stores the entry in a variable. A variable value persists throughout the course. It won't change until another trigger adjusts it, or until the user is given the opportunity to edit it. If you want it to go blank when the user revisits the slide (even if they're just jumping to it from a layer), add a trigger that adjusts the value to blank when the timeline starts.