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Jacinta Penn

Articulate Storyline is very good at grabbing names and allowing you to use them throughout the module. That is an easy one, done by inserting a data entry box. It automatically gives it a name like TextEntry, which you can change to Name by clicking on the trigger. I recommend changing it because if you have more than one it starts to get hard to remember.

The database thing is more complicated and depends on your budget. You could go for an LMS, or you can put a google form as a web object in the success layer (just to track completion not scores), or you can use javascript to grab the info for a database. I don't do javascript msyelf and I once had it quoted at a few thousand dollars to do for me.  If you google articulate storyline javascript database score you'll get more info.

Here is one link https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/javascript-to-send-score-to-external-program