Date Collection

How can I collect a future date for variables to adapt to?  I am building an eLearning class that will supplement an ILT.  I would like to collect the date of the ILT and then have buttons programmed to cue off that date for "week of 00/00/00." One would be a week before, two weeks before, etc.  That way it is individualized for each attendee as to what progress they should make given the date they attend the ILT.  I can then use T/F variables to disable the buttons if they try to work ahead.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jessica and welcome to Heroes! 

It sounds like something that you'll need to set up with some Javascript coding to track the variable and automatically update based on the time/date. There are a number of community members here who are really great with setting up Javascript, but I'd recommend sharing a bit more about how you've started and if possible the .story file so that they can see what they're working with. 

Jessica Milligan

Thanks Ashley,

I have attached the interaction I am working with.  I would like the learner to enter the date of their Presentation Skills - Level 2 class on the first slide.  Then on the next slide, I want the buttons to adjust based on the date they entered.  Ex. The top button would be five weeks before the date they entered, the second button would be four weeks before the date they entered, etc.  I have them set at disabled right now because I am then going to just do a quick if/then variable to unlock them one week at a time based on the system date.  I have set up the variables for the first two buttons.

I'm not sure if it is possible but I would ideally like the buttons on the second slide to display the Monday starting the week.