Deactivate timeline playhead drag select

Sep 11, 2015

Whenever I click on the timeline to move the playhead to another place, much of the time it un-wantedly selects a tiny sliver of time that is too small to visually tell that time is selected. Then when I try to play the slide from that point, it just plays that tiny selected area, and I'm sick of it happening. Is there a way or setting to stop the playhead from selecting a section of the timeline?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Robert!

Is this while working on your project file? Are you dragging the playhead, or just clicking on the timeline?

I'm not seeing this behavior when I click on the timeline, but I could see where it may be happening if you are dragging perhaps.

If you could record a screencast to share that may be helpful to understand what you are describing as well.

Robert Leier

Hi Leslie,

Yes, it is while developing a project, specifically in the timeline. Take a look at the attached file. That image shows an exaggerated amount selected it to make it apparent what I'm talking about. When I click somewhere at the top of the timeline, on the time numbers, to make the play head move there (trying not to drag at all) often a tiny bit of time (like in the image) is still selected. It is so narrow a period that it looks like nothing is selected. It's as if the sensitivity when clicking is too high. I just want a way to deactivate the play head from selecting anything, even when I purposely drag. I rarely ever use that function anyway, so I won't miss it. 

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