Dead Space at the bottom of a slide

Feb 12, 2021


I am currently building a series of modules that have a bespoke button set. The client wants these to be placed at the bottom of the slide. 

Problem is, when they are placed there, they are not active. Moving them up a little bit into the slide then makes them active, as does adding the built in  navigation buttons. I understand this has been previously raised and was called 'dead space'. 

Is there any solution to this? 

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Erin Flage

I see that you are using the Classic player.  Is there a reason for this? In the past the main reason was because it supported Flash, which no longer applies.

I use the Modern player exclusively now and haven't ever seen an issue like this.  I routinely include custom navigation at the bottom of the slide.

Try switching to the Modern Player and see if you still have the same issue.

Erin Flage

I would highly encourage your client to considering making the move to the Modern player.  All of the latest accessibility features are only in the Modern player, I believe.  

We experienced some reluctance to move the Modern Player at first as well.  But it quickly became the preferred experience, especially if mobile is a priority at all.

But I think if you're stuck with the classic player... you might be out of luck.  :(

Lauren Connelly

Hi Alan!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Do you see this issue in all of your projects in Storyline 3 when using the Classic Player?

I've tested this on my end, and I do not see this behavior in Storyline 3 when removing all of the Player controls. I've attached my sample file to this reply.

Can you let me know how this course appears on your end?

Alan Ball

Hi Lauren,

Your file works for me. It happens in about a third of the projects I've opened and tested. Commonality seems to be a background on a slide master - I did report a bug a couple of weeks ago about shapes on slidemasters appearing at the back but behaving as if at the front. May be a similar issue (I thought I'd found a workaround).

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for letting us know that the file Lauren shared works for you as well, and I appreciate you finding the common denominator.

I'd like you to share one of your .story project file with the problematic slide master background with our support engineers. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.