Decimal value disappears on resume

I am facing an issue were my decimal value disappears on resume. I am using Storyline 360 version v3.26.18601.0.

Below is the link were I have added reference for 2 variables in a Text field. The 1st value gets added by 30.5 every-time it is been clicked. Whereas, second value is the default value passed as 1.5.  The value remains same while page to page navigation but once I close the course and relaunch and select Resume the decimal value disappears.



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Katie Riggio

Sorry you've come across this oddity, Amey. I'd love to help!

The behavior in your sample seems like a close match to a bug we're currently investigating in Storyline. We found an issue where decimal variable values reset to 0 upon resume; however, the 152 and 1 values are unusual.

With your permission, I'd like to test your file to determine if it is related to this issue. If that works for you, click here to share the file privately with me. Looking forward to diving in!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Amey. Appreciate you sharing a sample with me!

The setup is a match to the bug we're investigating. I'm going to attach this file to its report so that we can update this discussion with any new information. In the meantime, it looks like this problem only occurs with decimals while whole numbers track correctly upon resume.

Thanks for letting us know this is impacting your work. If I can be of any other help, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Vincent Scoma

Hi Amey,

I am happy to share that we just released the newest version of Storyline 360 (Build 3.36.21213.0) this morning!  With this release, we fixed the issue where adjusted number variables with decimal values were being reset to their default values when resuming a course.

The next step is to update Storyline 360 by heading to your Articulate 360 desktop app and clicking "Update" next to Storyline 360.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you have by posting in this discussion, or you can contact our Support Engineers directly here.