Default Captions for Mouse Clicks

Mar 11, 2014


     I did a brief search in the forums to see if this had been answered and did not see it.  If this has been discussed already, please point me in the right direction.

     I was curious what Articulate Storyline uses to determine what the caption will display when the mouse is clicked on screen while recording my screen.  I have been creating view mode and try mode scenes for a big lesson project for the company I work for and we recently updated our training database to the same version as the live database.  What I noticed was the default captions in the old database would say "Click on the image" and now that same object in the new database says "Click".  Does Articulate use the alt text to determine what the caption should say?  This would make sense because our software ouputs to html code.  I know this is something on our end and want to address it from an instructional design standpoint in that this is bad for screen readers and tabbing.  Any feedback is much appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

Storyline uses the Windows Accessibility API to capture information from the screen recording and translate that into captions. You can always edit the captions in Storyline to include the relevant text after you've completed your screen recording. Here is some additional information on how you can modify the captions. 

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