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Jul 14, 2015

Hi there,

I see where I can change the color of text in my notes panel, and also the background color. What I need to do is to assign a standard SIZE to the notes. When I copy/paste in, it defaults to Calibri 9, which is miniscule.

I really really don't want to have to select all the text on each screen and resize it. Can anyone help?

ps: I have to use calibri per org. requirements.

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Daniel Bolia

Hi Ashley,

I don't think that the link you sent, How to Format Notes in Articulate Storyline, addresses the issue with changing the default/global FONT SIZE for the Notes.

The tutorial and other references I've read only discuss how to change the FONT COLOR for the Notes by the Player Properties>>Colors & Effects>>Editor>>Text. It appears that the only way to change the FONT SIZE for the Notes is to use the SL UI and do it on each slide.

This issue was brought up as far back as three (3) years ago. If there is a resolution for this issue (besides the standard "submit a feature request" reply), please share it.

Thank you,


Mirko Brandi

Dear Ashley,

I agree with Tricia and Dan and we'd like to put forward the request for a better visualization of the notes. Writing and reading using font 9 is, literally, a pain. On the other hand, though, changing the font for each slide manually is also a pain, but less dangerous that becoming severely short sighted. Please, do consider a solution for this problem. It would really help.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mirko,

Thanks for sharing that request here, and you can also send feature requests through this form as those go directly to our product development team to track and categorize. I have also seen users in the forums report that they've used the translation export to update the font size of all the notes at once. Once you've exported for Then using Word's search features, find a specific font / size and set a new font size to the selection. Then use the translation feature to re-import the file. All text formatting done to the translation file should come right back into your storyline source document.

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