Storyline Fonts are really really getting under my skin now

Hi I have been aware of the fornt issues in Storyline and provided a workaround to it in this forum, however, it is really really causing me pain at this point.

In free-form questions I'm using Calibri 15pt font. The questions are all text boxes that, when selected, provide the user visual feedback of their selection.

example: The user selects text and the text changes to having a background color in for the text box.

The big pain at this point is, I have a tight deadline, and every time I reopen the project, the Calibri 15 fonts for normal and selected states are always reset to Calibri 18pt. Changing the normal and selected state font sizes are extremely time consuming.

When will this font issue be corrected finally?

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Dennis Hall

Hi All:

I have always had to set the text boxes to "Do not Autofit" - I wish this could become (or be configurable as) a default setting.

As for a ticket, I thought I had submitted a ticket (and may very well have added this into the ticket last August) since I've been facing issue since then.

I had found a solution that I'm still stuck using, however, I also know others had submitted tickets for this same issue.

I hope this helps get this fix distributed soon.

Best Regards