Stubborn fonts

Jun 19, 2015

I'm using Storyline 2 and I'm finding that sometimes the fonts don't want to change when I tell them to, especially when I'm dealing with the default font.

I'm working on a project now where the default font is Calibri. I created a new shape, and for some reason the font was Open Sans. 

No problem, I think, I'll just change it to Calibri.

But it won't change. I select the entire shape, and it stays Open Sans. I select the text. Open Sans. I even use the "clear formatting" button, thinking that will reset it to the project default of Calibri.

It really likes Open Sans.

I'm sure it's some style that's overriding my font setting, but it's rather annoying. Anyone else have this problem? How can I convince Storyline to trust me and use the font I want?

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Mary Mascari

Ok, more data. When I'm on the slide, and choose the Fonts option on the Design tab of the ribbon, it has the setup where Calibri is the default.

But when I've got the shape selected and choose Fonts, Open Sans is the default. Why do new objects have a different default than the rest of the project? Is there a setting i missed?

Carmel McShea

Hi guys, I am also experiencing problems with Fonts - in particular with sizing - When I am editing states, I choose the same Fonts,when I right click, it tells me that they are all Articulate Regular 12  yet when I preview, they a re clearly different. Is there any way I can standardise the fonts within the states?

I have tried using notepad to strip out formatting, but that does not work.

Any pointers greatly accepted.



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