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Jan 20, 2015

Hi all,

Is there anyway to change the default timeline setting. Currently, slides default to 5 seconds on the Timline. When published, this prevents users from clicking Next to advance to the next slide until the 5 seconds have run out. In the case of some slides having little content or if users want to advance to review a future slide, they must sit and wait 5 seconds each slide. I have been manually changing the timeline on each slide to around 1 second to avoid this but this is time consuming and also easy to forget to make the change on all slided needed, espeically for longer courses.

It would be MOST helpful if there was a way to change the overall Default timeline.

Thanks so much!


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Emily Ruby

Hello Kim!

You can set the menu options in the player to "free" to allow users to click the next button before the timeline ends. You could also manually move the timeline to a shorter time on one slide ,then duplicate the slide.

You can also add a custom next button on the slides to allow them to go to the next slide before the timeline ends.

Kimberly Lococo

I appreciate the feedback. However, we develop many courses using the Menu option and keep the Player option set to Restricted so the students can't skip ahead in the course. With that said, setting the player to FREE will not always work for us.

We are running to a LOT of problems when converting our large library of courses from S1 to S2 due to the default timeline setting. At this time, we are having to manually update the timeline on all of the slides.

Can we put in a request for FUTURE update to have somewhere in SL2 a place to change the Default Timeline setting of 5 seconds? This would allow a global update to courses rather than the manual functions you mentioned.

Thanks so much!

Kimberly Lococo

I have been shortening the timeline down to about 1 second but it would be REALLY nice if there was a way to change the DEFAULT timeline of 5 seconds so we could make the time setting we want to apply to all slides instead of having to manually change each slide. I have several projects that are quite large so the manual change is quite time consuming.

Erika Kuczysnki

This thread is 10 months old, but I am not sure if a solution has not been found/created. As a precaution, I will submit a feature request as well. 

I am finding the biggest impact is actually in my quizzes. I want the learners to wait until the end of the timeline to advance on all other slides. On the quiz however, the default timeline for the feedback is 5 second. My feedback simply says "Correct" or "Incorrect" so 5 seconds is overkill. I have had to manually change my correct, incorrect, and try again feedback timelines for each question. 

If anyone has a better solution/temporary fix I would appreciate it! Is there anyway to set only select slides to "free"

Christie Pollick

Hi, Erika -- Thanks for reaching out with your question! To confirm, have you had an opportunity to check out the information on Slide Properties and Controlling How Slides Advance? Please feel free to share your file if you would like so we can get a better idea of how things are currently set and can possibly offer additional suggestions. :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Sara for submitting the feature request! If you're looking for other creative solutions for your current situation, perhaps you'll be able to share a bit more here and then folks can offer ideas and expertise. Also feel free to start a new discussion with your example of what you're trying to accomplish as well.

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