Delay animation timing

I am trying to create a hover over state for a button.

When the user hovers over the button a line draws and then the Word or text fades in.

I created the simply draw in effect and the text fade in on the main timeline and it works. I copied them and then based them onto the Hover state, which works, however, the Text fades in immediately rather than after the line draws in as it did correctly on the main timeline.

Any way to delay the text animation to start after the line draws in ?

The line draws in .50 sec and the text fade is .50 to the whole thing is only 1 second. I

I am a bit surprised there is no delay option in the animation section.

I could create in in After effects as an animated gif but the course will need to translated into 20 languages so I want it all built into Storyline if possible.


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