Fade out on shape jumping from shape - original picture - shape - original picture

I have an image and am using the spotlight technique (with the transparent frame shape) over an image to display the text that matches the audio. I have a fade in, fade out on each frame shape (there are 3) and set them to back up to each other, however, when 1 shape fades out, the original image shows, then the 2nd shape fades in. There is no space in my timeline that should show the original image!


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Walt Hamilton

Face out starts to fade before its timeline cue, so that it is completely gone at the cue point. Fade in starts to fade in at the cue point, so is not completely visible until after the cue point.

so if you have one fade out, and then another fade in at the same point on the timeline, there will be a point in the middle (depending on how long of an animation duration you have set) that both of them will have a degree of transparency, and that is when you see your original.

Like Leslie said, you can cure this by overlapping the animations, or you can use compatible animations. For example the new image can appear by  wiping from the left while the old one is disappearing by wiping to the right. FWIT, I personallyhave trouble getting the timing that exact, so I just have the new one fade or wipe in and cover the old one, which I then have disappear.