DEMO: Dynamic Pausing a slide

Hi All,

Our course audience are often non-English. This makes it sometime difficult to estimate how much time they need to read what’s written in the captions.

Forcing the English speakers to click on next, is pretty annoying for them. And automatically advancing is annoying for the non-native English speakers

Therefore we came up with the following solution. I wanted to re-use ALL my slides and not just duplicate them. Check-out the example. It is pretty simple.

Click on the marker buttons to continue when the slide is paused…




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Geert De Rycke

Hi Roeland,

We finished our course and was signed of. After a few days we got a question whether we couold slowdown the video's with the captions as the were moving to fast for non-English speakers to follow.

We had to come up with a quick fix, without havinf to re-record all scenes etc.

The dynamic pauses came out as a simple and fast solution. It took us about 2 days to embed the pauses in all our slides (approx 180) and design a user interface allowing the user to turn on/off the pauses... I guess felxibility comes at a price