DEMO - System and Browser Check

Mar 02, 2016

I've been working on a Storyline project to detect the user's browser, etc, to make sure they meet the minimum system requirements to run our courses.

I'm sharing what I've created so far so others can use it, and hopefully I can get some feedback to make this much better. This is about 90% complete and it isn't very pretty, so don't expect too much.  :)

I used UAParser.js from to get the browser info. I did not modify the javascript file at all, to keep things simple for updating new versions of this file in the future. Our production version of this project hosts the UAParser file on a web host rather than embedding it in the course, so that we can update it more easily. I placed my custom js code in the index.html that accompanies the .js file. Here's the project on GitHub, where you can see all of the possible data returned:

I tried to keep things simple for non-javascript programmers, so I placed all of the browser check criteria in triggers on the Report layer, so it can be easily modified. Please check these for your own use, as our LMS has some requirements that are a little more strict than those for viewing Storyline content.

Some notes:

1. I had to place my web object on the canvas, and then cover it up, because the web object was not being loaded in Flash when off to the side of the canvas.

2. The lines of text on my Report don't line up perfectly, especially when rendered in HTML5 in some browsers. I tried a few different things and still couldn't get good alignment

3. I used a trigger instead of js to set my isFlash variable because I was having some trouble with my js code (I'm still a beginner). Maybe someone else can correct this...

I'm hosting the published output on a free hosting site, so just close the lightbox ad that pops up over the output:

I've attached my .story file and the web object files necessary to make this work. Let me know what you think! How can I make this better?



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Nuno  Cardoso

Hi all,

I just developed a system checker for the courses we develop in Storyline.

I´m sharing the link -

Feel free to change your browser, disable cookies, and change the screen resolution... any comments are much appreciated! :)

Thank you.

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