Demo vs Try. Is there a hybrid - a guided demo of sorts?

Jun 04, 2020

Using Storyline 360

Are there any step by step examples where: a) the user watches the screen recording at each step (including highlights/captions) and when ready, b) the user controls the advance to the next step/slide? 

This is for a software course, using screen recordings.  The customer isn't keen about the way a step by step demo advances.   They want to have time to watch, time to read captions, and decide when they are ready for the next slide.  I've always thought of that as a guided demo.  

 With the way screen recordings run in step-by-step view  I don't believe you can  stop the recording from advancing to the next slide. Disabling the Screen Recording Action trigger hides all the following slides.   I'm experimenting with using Pause Timeline and a large slide-sized Hotspot to advance.

In past lives I'd  use a series of screenshots, simulating the display, and manually build a Try Me version with hotspots.  

Thanks. All suggestions will certainly be appreciated!!  

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jerrie,

Thanks for reaching out! When inserting View Mode step-by-step slides, each slide will default to contain a trigger to Jump to the next slide when the timeline ends.

You'll have to remove that trigger, as well as adjust your slide properties to advance By user, instead of Automatically. Here's a quick way to do this for all your slides in Story View. Just hold the shift key down when selecting your slides. Hope this helps!

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