Design Template - Applying Layout Does Not Affect Slide Titles and Bullets

When I import a PowerPoint file into Storyline, apply a template, and reset the slide layout for each slide, the title and bullets do not reflect the master layout.  I have to manually change the font and bullet colors for each slide, even though the layout I apply already has those attributes.  Is this the way Storyline is supposed to work?  How can I get the master layouts to apply to my slides?

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Judy,

Thanks for sharing your file! I opened it up and didn't see any custom slide masters with bullets included, so I'm not sure if that's the problem you ran into (that they weren't carried over upon import) or that you don't see those masters applied to slides when using that layout.

Applying bullet/numbering on a slide master to the individual slide layouts is something our team is evaluating as a feature request, as it's not currently an option in Storyline. I included this discussion in the report filed with our team, so I can keep you posted here once I have more info! 

Ashley Terwilliger

No worries, Judy! I only mentioned it to make sure we were looking at the right file.

As for the slide title placeholder, those formatting elements should be reflected on the slide when you add a slide using that layout or apply the layout to an existing slide. Can you point me to one of the slides that aren't updating so that I can narrow my testing a bit further?