Desperation on Steroids

Apr 26, 2016

Storyline gurus all:

I have spent the past 4 days trying to create a 15 branch scenario. I have created a map with Twine which lays it out very well and keeps me from being lost forever in the weeds.

Here's where I need to prove the old adage: "200 heads are better than just mine" - I have tried setting up 3 slides per choice x 15 choices and it fails. So, I came up with creating one slide and multiple layers to jump from layer to layer. Miserable fail.

There are requirements here, as well. 1) It must report scores to an LMS. b) The learner is given 3 tries before a final 'fail' is recorded. 3) There is to be consequence-driven progress and no interim feedback.

To anyone who can clear this muddied mess in my design, I will be eternally grateful - without offering you a percentage of my salary (hey! I may be muddied but I am not nuts :)

Serious thanks to everyone for reading and reaching out to help.


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