Diagram in three steps

Nov 26, 2013

I have a diagram (see attached) and I want to explain each step. Each step of the diagram has text alongside it.

At the moment I'm using layers and hotspot so the user can click on the first square of the diagram and this takes it to the layer 'recognise' with text and a version of the diagram showing 'recognise' and the other steps faded out.

Will I need to add a 'button' 'next step'? Or can anyone think of a better way to move onto the next layer without going back to the first page?

Thanks Sue

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Michael Hinze

I don`t think you need a next button, as long as you set up your layers so that the underlying baselayer can still be clicked. See attached a rough example. Instead of hotspots, I used transparent buttons with Visited states that provide some indication which layer step has been clicked. Hope that helps.

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