Dial and state changes

I have a dial in the attached story that I want to use to control access to a quiz. I have it set up so that the quiz object is in a disabled state when the timeline starts. I used a variable named Dial 2 to default value of false. The Dial 2 Variable is triggered to change to True when the dial is greater than or equal to 4.

The quiz object should change to a normal state when the Dial 2 variable changes to True but it will not. 

What did i do wrong?

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Ben Sewell

Hi Raymond,

Try the attached.

  • I added triggers and variables to each section, which mark as complete when each section is visited.
  • Quiz is now set to initial state of "disabled".
  • dial2 now becomes true when zSlide1-zSlide5 are true.
  • Added a quiz slide and linked "Quiz" to it.

Hope this helps.