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Jul 12, 2018


I'm making a unit for nurses and doctors to interact with a fictional character. They will select a response to a patient and a dial will adjust to show changes in that patient's motivation to do something. 

I want to carry the "level of motivation" across slides when I present new things the nurse/doctor can say. So, they say something unhelpful and the dial drops by -1, on the next slide they say something helpful and it increases by 2 so I want their dial to now show 1. 

I will want to repeat this for many questions while maintaining the learner's previous motivation meter throughout to eventually show how motivated they are at the end of the scenario. 

I can't figure out how to maintain the previous slide's dial level onto each new choice. How would I do that?

Thank you!


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Michael Hinze

If you want to have ONE overall value that is carried across a number of slides, you can assign the same variable to each of the dials on the various slides. If you want to have one overall value AND keep the selected dial values for each slide, that will require more triggers and variables. Maybe you can provide some more info and/or share your .story file so that someone can have a closer look.

Alexandra Eisler

Hi Michael, 

I'm in the process of building the .story (and I'm stuck before I've made much progress) so I don't have much useful to share. I do have the patient/doctor interactions mapped on a spreadsheet. For this question, please focus on the "question bank" starting on Row 31. (Apologies it's a little morbid--the project is addressing human trafficking.)

I want the user to respond to a patient by selection a question/statement written on various buttons. Based on how helpful/not helpful their choice is, a dial in the corner will move up or down. So, if a question is helpful, the dial will move up +2, but if their next response is not so helpful is has a value of -1, the dial will go down and the dial will read 1. This would repeat for several sets of questions on various slides.

It seems like the cleanest thing to do is put the subsequent question(s) on their own slides, but I would want the previous slide's dial value to carry over to the next slide, so over, say, 6 question/statements the dial will go up and down based on the entirety of the interaction. 

Thank you for any suggestions you have!


Alexandra Eisler

I got it open--thank you!

Your dial does what I want mine to do. So, it looks like you're using the variable %Results.ScorePoints% to carry forward previous scores on the dial to subsequent slides?

May be a silly question: I can't click on the dial or the variable in any of these slides so I'm having trouble seeing how I link them across slides. 

Attached is a small portion of the actual slides I'm working on. How would you do it in this context or does it need to be in a quiz slide for points?

You can see in each set of triggers I put an amount to move the dial, now I just need to be able to "save" those points as the learner advances.


I really appreciate your help, btw!


Michael Hinze

Yes, in my example I do use the built-in Results.Score Points value to 'move' the dial. The advantage of using one of the built-in quiz variables is that they get updated as soon as the Submit button is clicked. The actual dial sits on the master on the Question layout, this way it shows up on all questions.

There was no attachment.

Michael Hinze

In order to save/"carry over" the score value from one slide/dial to the other you need to use the same dial variable. In your file the various dials on the slides all use different variables, e.g. AnaDial, Dial1, Dial4, etc. You have two choices here: 

1. The use separate variables for each of the dials. Then you need t add triggers, that initially set the dial variable on one slide to the value of the previous one. Or,

2. You follow y approach and use ONE dial (and one dial variable) that you place on the question layout on the master.

Alexandra Eisler

Sounds like the simplest thing is use the quiz format to put a dial on the master and link it through and reformat the slides to reflect the look I want.

The alternative would be to set a variable that will pull scores from a dial on the previous slide and that might require more coordination to keep it all tidy.

Sound right? 

I'm not super worried about a "score" because they do eventually get a story outcome (so an so gets help/has a medical emergency/has problems with the law/etc). The dial's purpose was to show general trends in how patients are reacting to the clinician's interaction and to give feedback on the overall patter in the conversation.

Thank you again for taking the time help me think this through! 


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