THE DIAL: (how to) turn dial (show layer), but NOT auto-HideLayer when dial turns

Jul 17, 2018

Hi there. so currently i have a picture in a slide layer. When the dial turns, it shows a new layer. I'd like to NOT auto-hide-the-previous-layer when the dial turns. (1) if possible?

I tried, for each layer to "show layer <picName1> when the dial turns, IF dial is greater than 0." So first turn shows <picName1>

Then, for the next picture: "show layer <picName2> when the dial turns, IF dial is greater than 1.00". -- currently it does show picName2, but hides picName1.

So turn the clockwise, show a picture at each tic, and keep previous pic.

Turn counter-clockwise hide each pic. - which is why i CANNOT just add the pic from layer 1, onto 2, and pic1 + pic2 onto pic3's layer... and so on.




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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached and see if that`s what you wanted. Another option may be to use one image object with custom states that are displayed based on the changing dial variable, instead of using layers. Or, have all  the pictures on the baselayer and change their state between Normal and Hidden as the dial variable changes.

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