Dial not incrementing correctly

Hi I have a dial in SL360, ranging from 1500 - 4500. It has an initial start point of 2000 and step value of 500. When previewing the dial, the pointer leaves 2000 and when moving forwards it works fine. When moving backwards the pointer doesn't stop at 2000 again when dragging, it skips it and moves from 1500 - 2500. Not sure why it misses that number. I tried deleting the dial and creating a new one and the same thing happened. It's my first time using dials so not sure what I'm doing wrong?

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Sam Hill

Oh hang on, it appears to be the later release of Storyline. I remembered I'd rolled back to January this morning, and it works in the January release, but just updated to May 19, and it's broken. Skipping the 2000 as you say. Interestingly when using the keyboard to navigate the dial, it appears to go to 2000 (not visually) but takes the extra key press to pass it.