Dial rotating off of center

Aug 03, 2022

Hello! I am trying to create a dial with custom picture but no matter what it will not rotate on center. I have started from scratch a couple of times and cannot get this to work. Here is what I have done:

Inserted dial. Inserted globe on top of dial adjusting to be exact size as dial face. Fixed aspect ration as equal for length and width. Converted globe to dial and erased original dial. DID NOT touch center rotation point of dial.

For testing purposes, added lines through exact center of dial vertically and horizontally. Bordered dial face with box at the bounds of the dial face.

As you can see in my attached file, the globe rotates off center. I have tried this with shapes, other images, etc. with the same result.

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Steve Gannon

I believe the problem is that the globe is not centered in its image bounding box. You can see this by exporting the globe and reimporting it. You will see that the left edge and top edge of the globe are properly aligned with left and top of the bounding box but the bounding box extends to the right and bottom well beyond the globe itself. Try cropping off the excess from the top and bottom of the globe image and reimport it.

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

your image was not correct centered and not a real circle

in Photoshop
 - trim Transparent Pixel
 - resize to 1754x1754



rotated images and shapes are often 1 pixel out of center

browser don't view scaled and rotated images not perfect