Dial disappears

Aug 10, 2017

  1. Inserted dial
  2. Created layers to display as dial is moved 
  3. Created triggers to show layers as dial is moved from step to step 
  4. Dial works perfectly when testing reference text 
  5. When previewing, the dial disappears as soon as I try to move it 
  6. Now confused.  What did I miss?  
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Daniel King

Ali - Since you replied I will ask about how to get a text box to appear and then disappear (like a mouse hover) using the dial.  Example, as I dial past step 7, the text will appear and then disappear as I dial on to step 6.  Is it as involved as I am finding it by designing trigger for each appearance and dis-appearance? Or is there another way I am not seeing?  Thanks.  

Walt Hamilton

The feedback master, which is also the master for all layers, has a solid background fill. When a layer shows, that filled background covers everything on the base layer. If you are in love with that background, the best thing to do is to remove the background fill from the feedback master. Create two layouts and on one of them put the fill as a filled rectangle. Then you can choose a filled layout, or a non-filled layout for the layers you use. When you want something from the base to be visible when a layer is showing, use the non-filled layout.