Difference between packaging for LMS and packaging for Web

Apr 26, 2017

We are getting an LMS and have 35 Storyline 2 modules that will be going from website to an LMS. They are packaged now for web. Do we need to update them to LMS? What is the difference, actually?


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Brian Dennis

Yes, you're need to republish for the LMS environment. LMS specific files and support files (e.g. SCORM) are generated as part of the publishing process when choosing LMS publishing.

By the way, SCORMCloud is an excellent resource for testing your courseware once published for an LMS. Save yourselves some headaches; these forums are full of people reporting and asking for help to solve the many colors and quirks of different LMS systems.

Chris Cole

To expand a little on the good advice that Brian gave...

Publishing for the LMS tells Storyline to include all of the LMS-specific functionality that your LMS will need to be able to run your courses, mark lessons as complete, track scores and so on.

When you choose the Publish to LMS option, you'll see some choices you will have to make. For example, you'll need to choose which LMS output option (ie which LMS standard) you want to use - SCORM, AICC, and so on. This decision will be made by your LMS Admin (if you have one) based on the LMS you have (and other variables). You'll need to choose how you want Storyline and your LMS to consider the lesson completed (by number of slides completed? or by passing a score on a test?)... TheseĀ and other decisions are typically thought out and made standardized by the learning group.

Articulate has a lot of tutorials on publishing to an LMS on their website. Use this link to get to them:


Hope this helps.


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