Different results slides based on score

Jan 02, 2022

Hello -- so I have 8 multiple choice questions, then a custom "outcome" slide that has either a success or failure message based on the score. Then I want the "How" button on the outcome slide (1.9) to either go a "Failure" results slide if the score is anything less than 100% or the "Success" results slide if the score is 100%. From the Success results slide they can exit the course, versus from the Failure results slide they can only try again.

The problem is, after I added the second results slide 1. the success/failure message on slide 1.9 stopped changing based on the score. It seems to be showing the normal state (failure message) no matter what. and 2. clicking on the How button on slide 1.9 seems to be going to the Failure results slide no matter what. 

I put in place what I believe are the appropriate triggers in terms of resetting results, resetting variables, and showing layers/going to different slides based on score percent, but something there must be wrong.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out! I've attached a sample file with the scene I'm talking about. For your reference, the correct answers for the 8 questions are: B, B, B, C, B, C, B, C.

Thank you so much!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Krista!

I'm happy to help! After taking a look at your project, I noticed a few things that might be getting in the way:

  • The Success Results Slide wasn't tracking any questions.
  • On Slide 1.9 there was a trigger to submit the Failure Results Slide when the timeline starts but not the same trigger for the Success Results Slide.

In your project, I selected all of the questions for the Success Results Slide to track and added a trigger to submit the Results Slides when the user clicks the "How" button. Lastly, I added a trigger to Slide 1.9 to jump to either the Failure or Success Results Slide based on the value of the Results.ScorePercentage variable when the user clicks the "How" button.

The updated version of the course is attached to this reply. Please let me know if you have additional questions!