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Lauren Connelly

Hi Adam!

Thanks for checking in on this feature request! We don't have a feature in Storyline 360 where you can have a different Story Sizes in the same project. We are continuing to track customer impact, so I'm going to add your comments to our feature report. 

I'll report back to this discussion when I have an update!

Frank Turley


I´m just here to mention that I am needing to set a custom size for different slides within a Story. 

I am making a big menu and inside, every section has a different amount of information to share with the user. Some sections has lots of information and some are just a video or image. 

It will be nice to be able to set custom sizes for each slide as this way I won´t have to split the content into several different slides. Please add this feature in the future :-)

MediaPost Film & Video


I would like to be able to have the option to change the dimensions of each scene in a Storyline project.  My immediate use would be to incorporate a PDF that was converted to PTT.  The PDF is 8.5x11 and it converts just fine to a PowerPoint project but when I import the PPT into our Storyline project it is not formatted correctly because the Storyline project is 16x9.  

On that note...Is there a way to open a PDF in its own window within a storyline project?

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hello, MediaPost.

Thank you for your comments on how this feature would be beneficial to you. We'll come back and update this discussion when we have news to share.

Is there a way to open a PDF in its own window within a storyline project?

You can add a link to it as a web object and choose to open it in a new window or in the Storyline slide. Here's some additional information

Chelsea Taylor

Hello--Just adding an additional vote for the feature request to have different slide sizes in a file and/or a scene. My team members and I are all recording videos on our individual machines and the resolutions are quite different. To solve for having all videos appear nicely, I'm having to create multiple .story files which is duplicative and confusing.

Andrew Nicholas

All our projects are 1280x720, having the ability to create a certificate that will print correctly on 8.5x11 or A4 in the same project would be great.  I have tried to get the print feature to work, and it just doesn't' work well at all.  So, a scene for 8.5x11 and one for A4 along with our 1280x720 would be huge.