Different Types of Triggers

Jun 13, 2012


I've noticed that Storyline has several different types of Triggers: Slide, Object, and Player.  They each seem to respond slightly differently.  I have two courses that are structurally the same but the content is different.  In Course #1 a new layer displays as a result of a Slide Trigger.  In Course #2 the exact same function and command is being classified as an Object Trigger.  The one that is an Object trigger isn't working properly.  I created it the exact same way as in Course 1 and they are both based on the exact same State requirement.    I deleted the trigger and recreated it, but it is still classified as an Object Trigger.  Is there a way I can choose what type of trigger I want?  


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Matt -

Phil Mayor wrote a really good blog post on the different type of triggers and how to use them. Here is the link to the post if you are interested. http://storylineauthors.com/?p=655

As for your current problem - if you want to add a slide trigger instead of an object trigger - make sure that you do not have an object select on the screen when you insert the trigger. If you have an object (i.e., picture, button etc) selected Storyline assumes you are adding an object trigger.

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