Difficulty previewing my entire project

Mar 07, 2018

Hi Everyone, I have just finished creating my first articulate project. It is a 23 slide "quiz" to get our people thinking critically about their goal setting skills. The aim is to have one of two results both that direct the user to our additional content house on our LMS.

I am having trouble previewing the whole project. When i review slide by slide they all play with no problem (each slide has a short 30 second animated video as its background with the quiz question overlaying this simple video clip) but when I preview the whole scene some of the video are black.

When I publish I then cant seem to get the assets to load at all, the dial just keeps spinning, no matter which browser I open it in.

Any help would be ideal as I now get this to my team so they can provide feedback.

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Katharine,

Thanks for sharing that info, it can be quite frustrating to preview your hard work and have the output not turn out as you intended. Regarding your video issue, what type of video are you adding to your content and how are you trying to preview the videos?

Be sure that you are publishing and sharing the content as explained here.

There are two methods for inserting YouTube videos into Articulate content. 

Both methods are supported in HTML5, Flash, and Articulate Mobile Player output, though some optional parameters will not for iPad because they only work in Flash output. 

Web videos and Web objects can't be previewed. You'll need to publish your quiz to see your YouTube video.

Katharine Aries

Hi Renz

Thank you or your reply, I have checked the publish steps and have followed these correctly. The videos I have added to each slide are MP4 Video files and previewing the slides using the preview drop down in the HOME tab.

I did enlarge the video so that it covered the whole of the slide (without having any white showing) so that it looked like a background image rather than a video that has been dropped in - could that maybe be part of the reason why I'm having issues?

Each video file ranges from 253kb up to 4013kb.


Crystal Horn

Hi Katharine!  Are you able to share your file here for me to test?  If you think it might be due to the size of your course with all media considered, is there any difference if you cut half the slides for testing?

Let me know what you think - you can use the Add Attachment button in your post if you can share your .story file.

Katharine Aries

Thank you Crystal. I have attached the project

I have tried saving the project in different locations and as different types (LMS and web) but that hasn't helped.

So anything you can do to fix/help would be great. Ideally I want to keep the background videos as they are but worst comes to worse I could revert to statics

Thank you 

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