Diffrent Text entries

I need to create a slide on which there are several text entries to be made by the learner and a validation of the correct answers. I need to write the right number in each of the boxes and the answers are different. However, each time I put the right answer in the box it changes the answers of all the boxes. It doesn't allow me to have different entries. How do I do this?

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Jerry Beaucaire

There is only ONE text entry field in a question you specifically select as a TEXT ENTRY question.  This is by design.

To have a slide with many text entry fields, you will need to select a more basic question type, like TRUE/FALSE, then surgically build all this extra capability on layers where you add the text fields, add the triggers to check each text field and calculate results for each text field as the user proceeds.  

By default I'd suggest a trigger that sets the base layer to FALSE as the timeline starts, then immediately hides that base by showing the layer with the entry fields.

For each ENTRY field you add, SL also adds a variable to store the result and typically adds a trigger for you to put the typed value into the matching textentry1/textentry2 etc fields.  Useful.

You would need to add a lot of triggers of your own to your SUBMIT button to check the value of each textentry variable for all the acceptable values and set another variable you create (Text1Correct - Text2Correct) to TRUE/FALSE when checked at this point.

So if there are 10 of these text entry fields, you would need to set 10 variables at this point.

Lastly, another trigger checks the state of all the variables and sets the base layer to TRUE of all the textcorrect variables are set to true, else it leaves it as false (set earlier).  

Finally a trigger to submit the TRUE/FALSE question.

The downsides to all this work is:

  1. It's a LOT of work
  2. Most likely you would like to be able to report WHAT they got wrong, but this question is essentially a TRUE/FALSE question, so that data isn't immediately at your disposal for reporting.   You'd need to jump through tons MORE hoops to construct some magic way to get back out what they got wrong.

    (perhaps you could use another layer to display the correct answer(s) so it can be shown to the user in realtime or in review, but not in reporting.)