Dimming - all or nothing?

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Long time forum-advice-reader, first-time poster!

I have a slide with 5 layers, I only want one of these layers to dim and the others to not dim - is this an option? (when I check the dim option on my 5th layer, it automatically checks the dim option for every layer (and equally unchecking it unchecks them all) perhaps this is how it is meant to work?)


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Alyssa Gomez

Welcome to the community, Katie! Happy you've joined us! 😁

By default, only the layer that's currently selected (active) is full-color. All other layers are dimmed. If you'd prefer to see them all in full color, uncheck the Dim box at the bottom of the panel. There isn't a way to dim only a few layers.

Keep in mind the Dim feature is for editing purposes only. It doesn't affect how the slides layers will appear when you preview the slide. 

Let me know if that answers your question!