Disable Automatic Selection of Entire Words When Clicking and Dragging

May 19, 2017

When clicking and dragging to select text, Storyline automatically selects entire words if more than one word is included in the selection. Programs such as Microsoft Word allow this to be turned off.

Is there any way to turn this off in Storyline, so that a click and drag over multiple words can start and/or stop within words rather than automatically selecting entire words.

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JC Blanchard

There should be an option to turn this off because it is very annoying. It does not really work well from either direction. When you get halfway through a second word, it selects the first word. Trying to not select the apostrophe in the second sentence is almost impossible and I have to move the mouse really slowly and try several times.


Brett Conlon

I Personally like this feature and use it extensively so I'd hat to see it changed. I find I use the multiple-word selection more often than I want to select individual characters. But a preference would appease both worlds.

BTW, a tip with this is that you can use the shift key and arrows to adjust the cursor's end-point of the selection, one character at a time. For example, if you had the sentence "Some people don't like it" and you want to select just "Some people do" you can double-click on "Some" then drag to "don't" ("Now "Some people don't" is selected) then hold the shift key and press the back arrow 3 spaces and the selection will shrink to no longer include "n't"

Happy editing :)

ps. holding down a modifyer key would also be an awesome trick so you could select a bunch of words then hold the modifier *IF* you wanted to manually adjust the position of the selection's end-point.