Selecting words with double-click and drag is selecting an additional word

Dec 18, 2020

When double-clicking a word and dragging to select multiple words, it's selecting the next word as well (video example provided).

Can someone please confirm if this behaviour is the same on your end?

It doesn't happen all the time but seems to happen most of the time (especially with larger words selected). I've noticed that I've missed this a number of times when doing quick editing (finding missing words after the fact) and I now have text edit anxiety!!!

No other app is working this way for me (eg. Outlook, this tech forum note, etc), just Storyline...

Your feedback is most welcome!

Thanks, Brett

ps. I'm running Storyline on Win10 through Parallels Desktop on a MBPro

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Ren Gomez

Hi Brett,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that helpful video of what you're experiencing! Unfortunately, I do not see the same behavior even though I'm also using a MacBook Pro with VMWare. 

If Storyline 360 is the only application where you see this, a quick repair may help refresh it. Give it a try and let me know if you're still experiencing the highlighting issue.