One word from a text box is not visible when using Firefox. It is visible when using Chrome or Edge.

Jan 17, 2019

I'm hoping I can get some quick help. I have a pending deadline today, and I'm needing to get this issue resolved as soon as possible :)

On the first slide of my Storyline project, I have a single text box with four words in it. The first three words "Patient Experience Spectrum" are black, and the fourth word "Workshop" is blue and a heavier font weight. Again, this is one single text box, with a different color/weight applied to the last word.

I've output my project for Web using HTML-only formatting. Everything looks correct in Chrome and Microsoft Edge and I see all four words. But when I view the project in Firefox, the word "Workshop" is missing. Gone, not there at all. The first three black words are there, but that fourth word is missing. When I view the .story file in Chrome and Edge, all four words show up perfectly.

Any insights into why a single word from my text box isn't showing up in Firefox? I'm attaching the packaged Web Published folder below.

Cheers and thank you for your help with this.


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Gabriel Butler

So I found a way to get the word "Workshop" to appear while using Firefox. If I go into Firefox preferences, and uncheck "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of your selections above", then the word shows up. Predictably, we loose a lot of typography design, including the Montserrat font, so this isn't an ideal solution.

Am I correct in thinking that Firefox just can't handle the difficult task of processing more than one font style within a single textbox, and the best solution would be to use separate text boxes anytime I need a different color, weight, etc?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Gabriel!  Thanks for sharing your output and findings.  When I launched your file locally (without uploading it to a web server or learning management system), both Chrome and Firefox displayed "Workshop" normally.  I advanced to the next slide and the fonts seemed to render properly.

  • When you initially tested your project, did you also launch locally?  Or did you upload your content to its intended environment?  Sometimes there's a difference in how your output plays and here's why.
  • I noticed there was a MacOS folder in your zip package.  If you're using a virtual machine, do you have file sharing disabled?  We've seen oddities when file sharing is enabled between the two environments.

Happy to dig in with you!

Gabriel Butler

Thank you for your reply and for looking into this issue. To answer your question about a virtual machine: no, I was working natively on a Windows machine, so I'm afraid I can't shed any light on why you're seeing that content in my folders. Thank you for noting it though, and do let me know if you think we need to pursue figuring out why it's there.

To answer your other question: We are seeing this issue in the *hosted* version of the project. When I publish the web version and just view it locally, then there is no problem (the word "Workshop" appears in Firefox. But once we upload it to our FTP and view it on a hosted site, *that's* when Firefox is dropping the word.

I'm attaching the .story file just in case it helps. I really appreciate you looking further into this!

Gabriel Butler

Hi Alyssa, 

Thanks again for the lightning fast reply! I clicked the link you sent, and yes, I can successfully see the word "workshop" in both Firefox and Chrome. At your suggestion, I also published the project using Articulate 360, and was again able to successfully see the word "workshop" in both Firefox and Chrome. 

Knowing this, where would you say the problem is originating? We are still seeing the problem in our own hosted version. 

Alyssa Gomez

It sounds like it could be an issue related to your hosting site, especially if you're viewing both versions in the same web browser. There may be a setting you need to adjust there, and your IT team should be able to help with that.

If you'd like some more help digging into the specifics of your hosting site, our Support team can lend a hand! Reach out to the team here anytime. 

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