Disable Data Entry Field after data entered/next pressed

I have two data entry fields that my learners need to fill-in and the information will appear on a different slide. I don't want the learners to be able to edit the fields after they click the next button. How can I prevent them from changing the information entered? I have ideas on how to keep them from returning to the data entry slide, but would prefer to a use a trigger or variable to prevent the data from being changed. I have tried changing the slide properties and I was still able to change the data. The fields were created using the Insert>Data Entry>Text Entry.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Barb,

So if I understand correctly, you're looking for the user to be able to revisit the slide with the entry fields, but not be able to change any of the information? 

I made a sample set up that may work for you - I have my text entry field on the slide, and I created an additional layer that will be shown once the value of TextEntry changes - on that layer, I set the layer properties to not allow the user to click on the base layer, so they're not able to change the text entry field. This layer will appear ( and doesn't disappear) once you click outside of the text entry field or once the user clicks the next button. You may want to include a note on the base layer, that once they click outside of the text entry field or click the next button they will not be able to modify the information.