Disable Next button first visit, enable for second and any other visits


I've disabled the Next button on many slides that contain (1) animation or video (until the timeline ends) and (2) multiple layers/tabs (until the state of the tabs is visited). The disabled function works perfectly the first visit, but it is permanently disabled on any additional visits. My goal is to permanently "unlock" the Next button on a particular slide after the user's first visit to the slide. 

I've read in previous discussion questions on the topic that for slides with tabs that I want to ensure are visited, I can use variables instead of states to fix the Next button issue. Any experience or thoughts with this?

Also - any suggestions on how to make the Next button work on 2nd visits when the Next button is disabled until the end of the timeline on the first visit?

Many thanks for your time and expertise!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rainey,

For your slide layers/tabs, variables are definitely the way to go! You could then add an additional trigger to your base slide to change the state of the next button when timeline starts if the variable equals X (or on a particular condition). 

You could apply the same logic(and add to your trigger!) on the base slide layer by adjusting a variable there when the timeline ends. 

So for example, it may read something like this: 

Change state of Next button to Normal when the timeline starts on this slide on the condition that SlideVisited = True or LayerVisited = true. 

If you find yourself stuck, folks in the community are here to help! You can always share a copy of your file here in the public forum to let Articulaters take a look and provide additional ideas here. Please keep in mind that it is public! 

Rainey Blackwell-Bullock

Hi Ashley,

I've still not got the Next button working on these types of slides. It seems glitchy that I can't get the Next button to function with states? I've tried to create variables, but I think I'm missing something in the language, because the Next button still doesn't work after the initial visit. Do you happen to know of a sample that has multiple layers and uses variables so I can figure out where my variables are wrong? I'm attaching a screenshot of what I currently have with states in case you think I can make that work instead. Also, what value should I set as the default value when creating a variable?

Thank you!




Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rainey,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that image.

You need an additional trigger similar to the one I've selected in the image. This trigger probably works well when you're still on the slide and you're working with layers, but I assume it is not working when you return to this slide from another.

You can duplicate this trigger:

Change the 'When' to when the timeline starts and the conditions to when all of those Steps/Tabs are Visited, that should allow the Next button to change to Normal as expected when returning to this slide.