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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Richa, and welcome to Heroes!

Check out this excellent Knowledge Base Article on disabling the Next button until users finish interacting with a slide.  There's also this one on disabling the Next button until users have interacted with all hotspots, and this one on restricting navigation throughout a Storyline course.  Jeanette has a great screenr on this too.

Let us know how you make out.  Thanks!

Richa Saxena

Hi Justin,

Thank you for these links. This is a lot of helpful Info!

However, I was looking for a way to lock down a screen based on the time elapsed. It seems we cannot set up a variable that understands time duration.

Tom Kuhlmann suggested a solution where I can disable the default naviagtion and create a next button that appears after 30 seconds have passed. I will give that a shot.

Thanks again!

Tim Hillier


I understand where you are going with this but hopefully you will not keep them on a slide for too long.  I just completed an online course like this and it just about drove me crazy.  In this case it was 2-3 minutes per page and it was awful.  I am a quick reader and I would read the page and then watch television for 2 minutes until it was time to move ahead.  I think it detracted rather than adding to my learning experience. 


Nancy Woinoski

I agree with Tim - hate the lock down. I had to develop one like this - each screen was locked until the video on the screen completed playing - in some cases the videos were over 4 minutes. It drove me crazy just trying to test the course.

Having said that, can't you use just make the timeline the duration you want them to spend on the screen and then set the next button to appear when the timeline ends?