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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Tomer,

Currently, the workaround for the Tab key functionality is to disable the accessibility feature for objects, as you mentioned. There are some other threads that you might want to look at for some alternatives, however. 

Take a look at this thread and this thread. Hopefully some of the information and suggestions posted in those threads will help with your project.


Phil Robinson

Good day fellow heroes. This is 2019 and these discussions date back seven years and I have reviewed all of the links for the work around but have not found an answer. My team has developed many many systems based (call center) lessons for a particular client. They have come back and said they would like the Tab key disabled because the students find it confusing.

The shape off screen didn't work and the option of selecting every object and unchecking accessibility also didn't work. Neither of these would be a preferred option anyways as we would have to go back and touch thousands of screens.

Does anyone know of the ability to achieve this through java script or modifying the CSS file?

- Phil