Disable video on base layer after it plays

Aug 26, 2016


I am attempting to do the following:

  1. A video is placed on the base layer and plays.
  2. Then the moment it is finished the next layer appears as the last still frame in the video from the base layer.
  3. Then that still frame become interactive for the user to click on various section to learn more. 

Essentially, I am turning a video into an interactive page. My issue is that when I hover over a section, the text appears as it should then when I move to the next hover section the still frame becomes clickable and replays the video again.

I want to disable the video from playing in the base layer. I have gone into my slide layers and hide the visibility and also selected the checkbox that should "prevent user from clicking on the base layer." However, that doesn't seem to work. 

Has anyone experienced this? I need a way to disable the video in the base layer after it plays and make it non-clickable from my new slide layers. Naturally, I'd think the settings in each subsequent slide layer should fix this, but that doesn't seem to work. 

Advice anyone? Suggestions?



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Walt Hamilton

It sounds to me like the video is playing from the layer, not the base. Did you take a shot of the last frame, or is it just a copy of the video. Either that, or after the hover, the layer is closing. Either way, if there is a graphic on the layer, it will intercept any clicks before they get to the video to restart it.

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