Base Layer Audio Playing on Layers - Not the Usual Problem

Apr 13, 2022

I've got some strange and irritating behavior happening on a slide with 2 layers.

The base layer has a video that includes audio. When the video is done, a new graphic fades in and then a separate audio file plays. When the base layer timeline comes to the end, hotspots are presented for learners to select the layers.

Each layer, however, plays the audio from the video! I've hidden all objects on the base layer en masse and individually. I've deleted the layers and added them again. I've re-started my computer. Still, the audio from the video plays.

Just to be clear: this isn't a case of launching a layer before the base layer timeline is done. You can't get to the layers until the base layer timeline has come to the end.

I can't spend more time troubleshooting this so I'm going to make slides for what would have been layers. Meantime, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

I would tear my hair out but nature has beaten me to it.


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Dan Epstein


I'll have to share it as a support case since the content is proprietary. That said, I fixed the problem thanks to a suggestion from someone in a Storyline user group of which I'm a member. On the layers, he suggested adding a trigger to pause the base layer timeline. It worked.

But it shouldn't have worked because the base layer timeline is already complete and stopped when you access a layer.

I'll submit a support case so your crew can look into it.