Problem Pausing All Layers When Clicking Pause Button

May 25, 2021

I have a project that has an audio file on the slide base layer. I have put cue points on the timeline on the base layer that show content on other layers based on the point in the audio file. These layers have graphics, text, shape, etc. All of this is working fine -- the audio plays fine, the appropriate layer is called, etc.

 The problem comes when I preview the slide. If I hit the Pause button on the player, the timeline on the base layer pauses just fine. However, the timeline on the active layer does not pause and plays to the end of its timeline. If I hit the player Play button, the audio file on the base layer restarts at the appropriate point, but the timeline on the active layer is not in sync with the base layer timeline.

I also get the problem if I publish the file.

The attached file is an example of my project with 2 layers in addition to the base layer (there would be additional layers in the final project, but there is enough for you to see my issue). 



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Steve!

Thank you so much for sharing your file! I see how the layers continue to play even though the timeline and audio stop when pressing pause on the Player. Have you tried moving the audio to each layer instead of having the audio on the base layer?

Additionally, in the Slide Properties for the layers, I'd recommend changing Allow Seeking to Yes.

I'm attaching your file to this reply. I've moved the audio to each layer and changed Allow Seeking to Yes. You'll want to change the triggers to play the audio on each layer. Let me know if this would work for you!