Disable wait times and required interactions / restricted navigation for content review?

Nov 28, 2023

Hi, I haven't been able to find this question answered or any sort of settings under Preview or Review. I have a long course with a lot of interaction and restricted navigation. I have several people reviewing the content and also major bugs. The problem is that they are having to restart the course and sit through the endless waiting and clicking to get to where they left off. Is there a way to publish to Review so that they can click back and forth between slides and not have to wait 7 seconds for a slide they've already read 100 times to show the Next button? I don't want to go back and disable all my triggers one by one and change the duration of the slides. Thanks!

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Judy Nollet

There's no way to turn restricted navigation on and off in a published course.

Here's what I do before publishing a restricted course to Review 360: 

  • Switch to free navigation. This is done so the reviewers don't have to sit through the entire timeline of every slide.
  • If the course doesn't use the built-in Menu, I add it as a tab at the top of the Player. I also edit the Text Labels so it's called "TEMP MENU." This is done so the reviewers can jump to any slide, which is especially helpful if they exit and return to the course. 
  • I create a separate scene with a Reviewers' Welcome slide that explains that the free navigation (and, if appropriate, the TEMP MENU) are available for the convenience of the reviewers, but that the final course will have restricted navigation. It also explains that they will have to complete required interactions. (Those need to be tested. And there'd be too much chance for error if they're re-programmed just for the review.)
  • The Welcome slide also includes the following:
    • A trigger to change a T/F variable to True when the timeline starts
    • A "Start Reviewing" button that has a close-lightbox trigger
  • On the first slide, I add a trigger to lightbox that welcome slide when the timeline starts. To prevent it from re-running if the user returns to the slide, I add a condition so it only runs if the designated T/F variable = False. (That's the variable that gets changed to True when the lightbox opens.) 
  • I also put an off-slide note on the first slide that reminds me to switch back to restricted navigation and to remove the Reviewers' Welcome before final publishing.