Disabled object insists on changing state to normal - Please help!!!

Hi all,

I've built a course with several requirements and the last one is that I should disable the Assessment section from a manually built menu -it's in the master template.

The Assessment shows the disable state until the student reaches the Assessment, then through avariable is set to Normal. Then, in the Results Slide it should be disabled again, to prevent students to go back to the starting of the assessment, as this is causing trouble -you can advance till a certain question and then it's stuck.

As this was not working, I removed the variables and triggers that changed the state of the object so it remained disabled all the time. My surprise is that it still changes to normal state when visiting the first slide of the assessment.

I can't attach it as it's company confidential. 

Anyone has a clue? Thanks a lot in advance.


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Emily Ruby

Hi Belen,

Would you be able to submit the file through our support cases? It will be kept confidential. Or if you could replace the proprietary information with some generic items/ text for us to review. It is hard to troubleshoot without the file itself. If you do submit a case, I will gladly take a look for you.

Belen Casado

Hi Ashley, this  is my case: Case #00602333.

I've found out the issue: I hadn't removed the triggers from all the slide masters, that's why it kept on beng enabled.

Anyway, I had to do this because, once the assessment is completed and the Results Slide is shown, if students go back to the starting of the assessment through the menu, they can advance till a certain question and then it's stuck, as the Next and Previous buttons are substituted by the "Submit" one with no option to return.

Thanks a lot for taking care.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Belen,

Thanks for sharing your case number and it sounds like you're working with John on this as well. If the question gets "stuck" is it possible that the last question you're seeing is at the end of a scene? If so, you may want to look into adding a trigger to determine what to do at the end of the scene as the submit button by default knows to go to the results slide there, whereas the next button default is jump to next slide - and if there aren't any more slides in that scene it'll be stuck there. 

If you're able to share your file with John he can take a look at some of the specifics of things too. 

Belen Casado

Hi Ashley, 

Problem solved. I had some suggestons from John: "Question slides normally should only be visited by users either through the Retry Quiz button or by the Review quiz button (both from the results slide). I suggest that you place a trigger on the Assessment slide to automatically forward the user to the results slide if the user has already taken the quiz. "

The questions were not at the end of a scene but coming from different question banks. I tried to convice the customer to follow this advice from John. What we finally did is to set a trigger with conditions, so when the student goes to "Assessment" through the menu, if they've already taken the quiz, the results are reset .

Thanks a lot for all your help!