Disabling Buttons on Base Layer

Hi - I have 3 buttons (1, 2, 3) on my base layer that show a slide layer for each.  Each slide layer has audio.  I want to disable the Slide Layer 2 button until the audio has completed on Slide Layer 1; and disable the Slide Layer 3 button until the audio has completed on slide layer 2.   I'm able to force the learner to select the buttons in order (1,2,3), but can't prevent them from selecting the Slide Layer Button 2 once Button 1 is visited.  Is there a way to keep Button 2 disabled until the media on Slide Layer 1 has completed? I would do the same thing for Slide Layer Button 3.  Thanks.

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Emily Ruby

Hi Jesse!

You could also set the buttons to initial state of "disabled" then add a trigger to the layer to change the state of the button to normal when the Layers timeline ends (if your timeline matches the length of the audio)  Also close the layer when it ends, and the button should be available to click.