Disabling "Next" Button Until End of Timeline

Jan 28, 2013

Hi - I don't want anyone to skip to the next slide until the entire timeline is complete (for each slide) - is there a way to disable the 'next' button that is built into the template and have it show up once the timeline is complete?



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tania salarvand

Hi Alan -  do know that you can have the submit / next button show up on certain slides by selecting it (easiest in story view) and then on the bottom right there is a 'slide' property box, uncheck the 'next' button.  Does that help?


ps - I kept mine all enabled but need for it to not show that up that way once published unti the timeline ends.

Peter Anderson

Hi Tania!

Maybe one of our Super Hero course-building gurus will have a much speedier practice, but the fastest way I know of, is to just use the copy / paste buttons (located at the bottom of the wizards) for both the variables and triggers, and then apply them one-by one. 

Here's a hoping there's a faster way if you have a large course with lots of triggers / variables!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Khushbu! I have to agree with Becky on this and say that it is hard to assume what you are asking, but if you are wanting to do the custom variables for the next button as this thread discusses, then yes, you would need to do it for each slide. Hope you saw where Peter mentioned the ability to copy/paste up there, but it is still one-by-one. Just let us know if you need anything further.

Bruce Graham

Hi Khushbu,

Sorry - old man here....could you please ask, precisely what you want to ask using "old skool..." real words and sentences?

These snippets of complete questions and text speak are really confusing me - sorry for being so blunt.

Perhaps you might get a definitive answer if I (we?) could get a definitive question?


Kathy Lee

Leslie McKerchie said:

Hi Khushbu! I took a look at the .story file that you shared here. You had the same variable for all slides, so Variable 1 was still 'true' for the subsequent slides and allowed the user to move forward. I am attaching an update here. Hope this helps

A colleague came up with an idea to use just one variable and two triggers in the master slides to keep things simple:

  1. Create a variable that's default as False (in this case, I called it "Advance")
  2. In the master slide, add trigger that Sets Advance equal to true when timeline ends
  3. Add another trigger that Sets Advance equal to false when timeline starts (this resets the variable each time, so it's unnecessary to have a different variable per slide)
  4. Close master slide
  5. On a slide chosen from a layout that has the trigger from #2 and #3, add a player trigger, e.g., Jump to next slide When the user clicks the Next button IF Advance is equal to true
  6. Copy and paste the trigger in #5 to all the slides

Now the Next button is disabled until timeline ends with only one variable and only a condition added to an existing trigger.

See attached for example.

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