Disabling "Next" Button Until End of Timeline

Jan 28, 2013

Hi - I don't want anyone to skip to the next slide until the entire timeline is complete (for each slide) - is there a way to disable the 'next' button that is built into the template and have it show up once the timeline is complete?



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Amy Cozart-Lundin

I have kind of an opposite question regarding the next button. My client wants the learner to be able to skip through unrestricted, but be required to go through the course in slide order. I’ve only been able to achieve the ability for the next button to be unrestricted by the timeline when setting navigation to “free”. However, this enables the learner to skip around in the course. Is there any way to remove the necessity to wait until the timeline ends for the next button to be enabled with a “restricted” navigation setting?


ASAM Education

This is very odd.  I was able to get a concept to work previously and it's working with NO problems in our LMS.  I've since duplicated the courses to make a slightly newer version of this course.  


1.  Change the State of the Next Button to Disabled when the timeline starts.

2.  Change the State of the Next button to Normal when timeline reaches x seconds.

Has something changed that caused this to no longer work?  Like I said, students could not have completed all of this without it working previously, and I have MANY students that have already done this.  What has changed?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Thomas.  I'm sorry you're seeing some inconsistency!  Tell me a little more about what's happening. 

  • Is the Next button not changing to normal when the timeline reaches x?
  • Check to be sure the Menu isn't set to restricted navigation.  If x isn't the end of the timeline, restricted navigation will force users to reach the actual end before the Next button works.
  • Do you have any triggers or layers that might pause the timeline?

Of course, feel free to share your .story file here so I can have a deeper look!

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