Disabling Next Button with Multiple Layers


I am new to Storyline and am building a Code of Conduct course. I've created a slide that has multiple layers that will provide a brief overview of each section of the course, and have disabled the next button until the user has clicked on each of the buttons to display all of the slides.

In my triggers, I have set a trigger to change the state of the next button to disabled when the timeline starts, and then to normal when the state of all buttons are visited.  

However, when I preview the slide, my next button remains disabled, even though all of my buttons and layers are visited.

What am I missing?  I've looked at some of the discussion forums and have followed the examples provided, but it's not working on mine.  I've attached a file so that you can see what I'm experiencing.  Any help you can provide me is appreciated :) 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Victor

I've made some updates to your file.

1.  remove all triggers that relate to 'visited' - this is a built in SL state and SL automatically knows to change an object to the 'visited' state when the user clicks.

2, removed the triggers on each layer to jump back to the slide - you only need the 'hide this layer when the timeline ends' trigger.

3. change the slide property to 'resume saved state' on revisiting.

Hope that helps.