Disabling Standard Navigation Buttons


I'm building a course using entirely customised nav buttons to maximise my usable screen area.  However when using lightboxes, I would like to use the some of the OOTB nav buttons.  It seems as soon as a nav button is selected for any slide, even if it is lightbox mode, then the grey nav bar appears under ALL slides even if the majority of slides have had all the nav buttons disabled. 

Is the only way around this to embed custom nav buttons within the lightbox slide as well? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jeremy,

Just want to make sure I understand what's happening. If you enable the seekbar or navigational (Next and Back) buttons for a single slide, Storyline is enabling them for the other slides that have them disabled. Is that right? Normally, I believe the navigational buttons and seekbar are hidden (even when enabled) on lightbox slides, because they're not displaying in the slide. This is why I'm a little confused. 

You can certainly place custom buttons and even create the "look" of a seekbar at the base of the lightbox slide, if you'd like.

The main concern I have here is with the buttons reappearing. Are you able to give a little more information on the type of slides this happens with, or share your .STORY file here so I can take a quick look?


Jeremy Miles

Hi Christine

It's not the mav buttons that appear so much as the protected space at the bottom of the screen (see screenshot). In this instance, the only pages that have the default nav buttons are lightbox slides but in all other slides the buttons have been disabled.  I am tying to maximise screen area by building the custom buttons within my lower info bar but you can see that I can't remove the grey bar (where the devault nav buttons would be displayed) from the section even if only a single slide is using the default buttons.

I'm pretty sure this is just the way Storyline works but I just thought I would check.